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Best selling Amazon rugby balls

This is a look at the best rugby training balls. A general guide to rugby ball sizes online is as follows - Size 5: Adults, size 4: 10-15, size 3: under 9 and size Mini is for all ages. Of course sizes do vary so make sure to take a closer look at the Amazon page before buying. Below, I will look at three popular Amazon rugby training balls from Gilbert and Mitre and let you decide which is the best for you.

For those that aren't too familiar with rugby brands, Gilbert is one of the most respected rugby ball suppliers around. Founded in 1823, their rugby balls have been used at the last 6 Rugby World Cups and are regularly used in the Aviva Premiership. The G-TR4000 is their most popular and best selling training ball and is available to buy on Amazon right now.

Gilbert rugby ball

The thing that makes this ball stand out above the rest is its grip and quality. It is very easy to handle and cuts through the air well when passing it around. The G-TR4000 is hand-stitched and comes in the following colours - black, blue, navy, red and florescent yellow. Just a quick warning when choosing colours, users in the Amazon review section seem to be suggesting that the red ball loses its' colour quite quickly. I don't know if this is true as I have the navy one but maybe it's safer to get a different colour. Anyway, the Gilbert G-TR4000 training ball is a high quality option from a well respected brand.

£14.50 on average but prices vary depending on size and colour

Mitre is another big brand in rugby and the Sabre is the flagship ball their rugby range.

Mitre rugby ball

The Sabre is a durable ball designed specifically for the rugby training ground environment. It has a pimpled rubber compound surface which helps it have a strong grip and move through the air just as well as the Gilbert ball. It is also available in fluorescent green and bright orange if you're struggling to see a full-size rugby ball coming at you.

£9.80 on Amazon

Perhaps you don't just want a brand and instead want to show your support for the England rugby team. If so, then this is the ball for you.

England rugby ball

The England ball appears with the English rose displayed on the front which, if you haven't guessed, we like here at The England rugby ball is also made by Gilbert so you know there will be a high level of quality as standard. It is fitted with a synthetic latex bladder which is designed to make sure that stays inflated for a long time. The only downside is that it will be hard to convince your Wales supporting mates to throw an England ball around!

£7.65 to £51.52 on Amazon with most around £20.00

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